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Data collection
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In order to justify our methodology, we would like to provide the definitions of such indicators as follows:

1)        Highly cited paper: in a given discipline, the number of citations received was ranked within the top 1% by ESI.

2)        Highly cited scientist: The global list of highly cited scientists published by Clarivate as the highly cited researchers

3)        Number of international collaboration papers: Number of papers co-authored by scholars who come from more than two countries.

4)        Number of outstanding alumni: Number of Nobel Prizes and Fields Awards laureate, as well as the 100 most influential people in the world annually selected by Time magazine in the past 10 years.

5)        ESI discipline: 22 disciplines classified by ESI as agricultural science, biology and biochemistry, chemistry, clinical medicine, computer science, economics and business, engineering, environmental science and ecology, earth sciences, immunology, materials science, mathematics, microbiology, molecular biology and genetics, comprehensive interdisciplinary, neuroscience and behavioral Sciences, pharmacology and toxicology, physics, botany and zoology, psychiatry and behavioral sciences, social sciences, and space science.

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